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This is not only the chance to make your shop window wonderfully festive and be in with winning a cash prize, but your business will also benefit from extensive marketing and social media coverage – making sure you receive extra publicity this Christmas!

To enter this year’s Window Wonderland competition, creatively decorate your shop window ready for Christmas. There is no theme required but designs MUST include a 'Christmas ‘Rainbow’, to send a Thank You to our NHS and Key Workers during the Christmas period. Some creative ideas we’ve had for the rainbow are a tinsel rainbow and a Quality Street wrapper rainbow, but we know you’ll probably have lots more!

Not only will you be in for the chance of winning a fantastic prize but also your business will benefit from extensive marketing and social media coverage. This will include information on your business, photos and video of inside your shop and ways to shop with you. We will also be launching an online Window Wonderland trail, an activity for families to visit your shop to ‘spot the rainbow’ in your display.

We are also asking if you would like to be part of our Festive Derby Christmas Elf trail by either including an Elf on the Shelf in your display, or taking one of our Christmas Elf Window stickers. These will form part of our Christmas Elf Trail, which will work its way around the City centre encouraging shoppers to move around safely, visiting all areas, but also provide an added attraction for families.

Your window will be judged on the following categories;

QUALITY – The attention to detail, how well has the display been conceived and executed?
INNOVATION – How inventive and imaginative is the display? To what extent does it surprise you?
DIVERSITY – To what extent does the Window Display enable a particular community to “tell its own story”? How inclusive is the display?
OVERALL IMPACT – To what extent does the window display blow your socks off? To what extent does it impact upon its immediate locality?

Judging will take place between 16–26 Nov by a People’s Vote on the Visit Derby website, and by a panel of local business representatives on 26 Nov.

You will be informed if you have won on Friday 27 Nov. Winners will be announced to the public on Tuesday 1 Dec with a prize giving photo-call on Monday 30 Nov.

There will be three prizes given – Winner £250 (as chosen by the judging panel), Winner £200 (as chosen in the public vote) and a Runner Up £100 (which will be across both categories).

To take part in the ‘Window Wonderland’ Competition please complete the online form below by Sunday 1 Nov;

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