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Community Window Wonderland

Plans are underway to transform shop windows on the streets of Derby City Centre ready for Christmas, creating a Window Wonderland Christmas Window trail for visitors to explore while they browse and shop safely.

Communities outside the city centre are also being invited to take part in Window Wonderland, to create beautiful seasonal displays in the windows of their homes, as well as those of local shops and businesses. Many areas of the city already create some fabulous trails, so Window Wonderland is hoping to build on this by encouraging more people to mobilise their local communities and get involved.

You can take part individually, or give your local community a call to action by going online, making the most of local social media groups, or by spreading the word however you can without meeting face to face. You don’t have to have a theme, but we’re asking everyone to include a Christmas rainbow to send a Thank You message to our NHS and key workers, who may be working over the Christmas period, for their care and dedication throughout the pandemic. 

If you’re already creating a window trail where you live, we’d like to inspire you to incorporate a Christmas rainbow to bring communities together across the city. 

You can use the pack below to help inspire you to get creative, with our online template stencil for you to use to create a rainbow in your window, as well as a downloadable colouring sheet for children. The stencil can be used with bathtub/window crayons or washable window markers. You could create a rainbow with different coloured tinsel or coloured sweet wrappers, or use Christmas decorations – we’re sure you’ll have plenty of creative thoughts of your own! 

We’ve also included a graphic that can be used for social media groups, if you want to help spread the word.

If you have any bigger plans for your community window trails, please share them with us by emailing and using #windowwonderland20 to share your displays on social media. We’re suggesting 5 December as the start date, but don’t feel you have to change your plans if you are launching a trail before or after this date. 

Download the Window Wonderland Window Template here

Download the Window Wonderland Colouring Sheet here

Download the Window Wonderland Community Images here