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The Hungry Troll’s Christmas Dinner

7th December 2021 - 30th December 2021 £14

When a strange new dinner lady turns up to school the kids are going to get served up more than a plateful of trouble.

Little Billy is overjoyed with the idea of mouth-watering meals until he discovers what's really on the menu for their school Christmas dinner.

This heartwarming story is told with the usual Babbling Vagabond magic. Puppets, storytelling, shadows and song, all thrown into the mixing bowl to make the perfect cosy Christmas.


Fri 3 Dec 10:30am
Sat 4 Dec 11:00am
Sat 4 Dec 2:30pm
Sun 5 Dec 11:00am
Sun 5 Dec 2:30pm
Mon 6 Dec 10:30am
Mon 6 Dec 2pm
Wed 8 Dec 10:30am
Wed 8 Dec 2pm
Thu 9 Dec 10:30am
Thu 9 Dec 2pm
Fri 10 Dec 10:30am
Sat 11 Dec 11am
Sat 11 Dec 2:30pm
Sun 12 Dec 11am
Sun 12 Dec 2:30pm
Tue 14 Dec 10:30am
Tue 14 Dec 2pm
Wed 15 Dec 10:30am
Wed 15 Dec 2pm
Thu 16 Dec 10:30am
Thu 16 Dec 2pm
Fri 17 Dec 10:30am
Fri 17 Dec 2pm
Sat 18 Dec 11am
Sat 18 Dec 2:30pm
Sun 19 Dec 11am
Sun 19 Dec 2:30pm
Tue 21 Dec 10:30am
Tue 21 Dec 2pm
Wed 22 Dec 10:30am
Wed 22 Dec 2pm
Thu 23 Dec 10:30am
Thu 23 Dec 2pm
Fri 24 Dec 10:30am
Mon 27 Dec 11am
Mon 27 Dec 2:30pm
Tue 28 Dec 11am
Tue 28 Dec 2:30pm
Wed 29 Dec 11am
Wed 29 Dec 2:30pm
Thu 30 Dec 11am
Thu 30 Dec 2:30pm

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The Babbling Vagabond's The Hungry Troll's Christmas Dinner