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Sherlock Holmes

£12, concessions £10 for under 26s

Your Chance Productions will be taking on classic stories and iconic (traditionally male) characters and giving them a woman's touch.

Their first venture will be the great detective (her)self SHERLOCK HOLMES!

The Case

A European Aristocrat has hired Sherlock Holmes to recover a package of letters and trinkets detailing an affair with a young woman that ended in tragedy. The scandal could ruin the family and all their marriage prospects. The package has fallen into the hands of the victim's sister who has been kidnapped by London crooks.

All is not what it seems, and the best laid plans can go wrong when you throw unexpected emotions and mortal enemies into the mix.

Will the great detective (her)self finally be defeated? This all-female cast bring a new twist to an old story.

A percentage of ticket sales will be donated to the charity Inspirative Arts who provide Creative Arts therapy for children and adults and help them develop emotional resilience and improve their self-esteem. Find out about their work at