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Panel Discussion - Part of Departure Lounge Festival 2022

15th July 2022 Free

Survival, resilience, wellbeing and self-care

Panel Discussion

Chaired by Lyn Gardner

Friday 15 July, 12pm – 1.30pm

Panellists include: 

Sarah Brigham, Sameena Hussain, Nickie Miles-Wildin and Scottee 

Theatre and theatre-makers have faced unprecedented challenges during the last two years. It has been a difficult time, scarring for many. A significant danger for theatre is that we will quickly slip back into the old ways of doing things, the old career patterns, the old gatekeeping, the old ideas of what theatre is and where it happens, and the old power relationships. There’s evidence we’re already doing it. But it’s not too late. How can we use what we have learned as individuals and institutions about community, survival, resilience, wellbeing, unity and defiance to face the many challenges ahead including growing poverty, inequality and climate emergency. In the process how will we transform ourselves as a sector so that theatre and artists can genuinely respond to community need and stand up for themselves and others. An optimistic conversation about using theatre and all the tools we have available to make things better for all.