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Love Light Betrayal + Q&A

Actor and Director Jack Brett Anderson will be performing three readings – ElevenBack, and Angel – excerpts from the upcoming audiobook LOVE LIGHT BETRAYAL, a collection of short stories read by Jack and written by playwright Tina Jay. 

Each of the performed readings a reflective intimate journey, exploring different lives and different worlds through the three title themes. LOVE LIGHT BETRAYAL brings a new and sensitive point of view to the term ‘masculinity.’  

Eleven - A timeless tale of jealousy, desire, and the cost they collectively bring to the table of life.
Back   - A young person’s journey to survive, and an internal desperation to return to a world he once knew.
Angel - Two people from different walks of life brought together for just a few hours, late one evening, but for one of them, life will never be the same again.

Produced by Runnin’ Hard Productions.

About Jack Brett Anderson

Jack Brett Anderson has played a wide variety of leading roles in TV, Film and Theatre, in addition to running his own production company Mont-Dore Media Ltd. He made his theatrical directing debut with the critically acclaimed play Syndrome - a play that examined the social, physical, and mental relationship between four men stationed together in the desert during the Gulf War. Now Jack takes on the audio book world, with his new performance of Love Light Betrayal - a three-part audio book with three distinctive themes reflected in the titles, ELEVENBACK and ANGEL

His TV roles include playing lead role Matei for two series of the BAFTA award winning BBC show Wolfblood, and Gery Pieret in National Geographic’s Emmy Award Winning show Genius: Picasso, starring Antonio Banderas. His latest television role is alongside Elle Fanning and Nicholas Holt in the second series of Hulu’s The Great.  Film roles include lead role Rabbit in Acceptable Damage, a British feature focussing on teenagers with autism and bullying, Fritz Neller in Intrigo - Samaria directed by Daniel Alfredson, and Jeff Mosley in Don't Hang Up, alongside Sienna Guillory. He also starred in Wolf Alice’s music video Don't Delete The Kisses, and filmed the lead role in Film4 horror project False Indigo, alongside Morgane Polanski. Theatre roles include playing leads Jamie and Fynn in Held, and Edward III/Prince Edward in Edward II.