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Garry Martin: The Orcadian Trilogy - Part of Derby Book Festival


The Derby College Takeover is sponsored by Darwin Escapes

G J Martin will present a set of readings from his Orcadian Trilogy. The books imagine the adventures of the Dons of Westray, a hybrid race made up of nervous, oppressed islanders and a ship’s boat full of strangers cast aside at the furthest edge of a war. The stories span the years from the last days of the Spanish Armada to the end of the Scottish earls’ dominion over the northern isles, a time when the Thames froze over, the Spanish empire dissolved and the age of chivalry died. Led by a young Spanish lord, full of ideals and memories of honour, the Dons of Westray dare all; determined to survive.

‘Garry Martin’s Orcadian Trilogy is a superb, sustained feat of historical imagination.’ Robert Macfarlane.