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Feature Shoot Emerging Photography Awards

23rd October 2021 - 9th January 2022 Free

QUAD Opening Times: Mon – Sun 10:00am – 9:00pm ​​​​​​

Christopher Sims (US), Felix Schoeppner (Germany) & Florence Goupil (Peru) were selected as part of the Feature Shoot Emerging Photography Awards by FORMAT Director, Louise Fedotov-Clements and FORMAT Coordinator, Niamh Treacy for their compelling work which explores themes of indigenous traditions, human perception and cultural role-play.  

Florence Goupil’s project Shipibo-Konibo, The Healing Plants addresses the potential loss of knowledge surrounding the use of the traditional plant-based medicine that the Shipibo-Konibo indigenous people have long used and protected, and the consequence of this, specifically in the wake of COVID-19.  

In Felix Schoeppner’s project Cognition he uses terms from the fields of physics and astronomy, presenting them in simplified models, built with everyday objects and studio equipment to explore the subject of perception and question how humans can extend our biological limits. 

Chris Sims’ The Pretend Villages is a 15 year documentation of the inhabitants and structures of imagined, fabricated Iraqi and Afghan villages on the training grounds of U.S. military bases. The project explores the eerily accurate environment which both prepares troops for war and traps those that have fled from it in an uncanny role play. 

Feature Shoot Emerging Photography Awards is an international photography call for up-and-coming image makers of all ages and backgrounds working across all genres. Selected photographers are provided with the resources they need to get their career off to a strong start including awards and two different international group exhibitions including FORMAT21 UK. 

Founded in 2008 by Alison Zavos Editor-in-Chief based in Sydney Australia, Feature Shoot showcases the work of international emerging and established photographers with contributing writers from all over the world and a wide range of interests, the platform features contemporary work from all genres of photography. Feature Shoot believes that photography is a powerful mode of storytelling, and shares works that have a strong narrative vision.  

The work featured in this exhibition can also be seen in the FORMAT21 online festival at