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Derby Ghost Hunt Pickford’s House

2nd September 2022 £45

Join Haunted Heritage at the period property Pickford's House for another night of ghost hunting. Set over 4 floors this property has a wonderful haunted history. Some of its residents never left and still walk the corridors, bedrooms and kitchen and also cause mischief to boot. The 5 hour vigil will incorporate several investigation sessions where you can try many techniques and methods used by paranormal investigators.

Derby Ghost Hunt, at the amazing  Pickford’s House.

Hidden amongst the gorgeous old buildings and cobbled pavement of Friar Gate sits Pickford’s House, built by the Georgian architect Joseph Pickford who built it as his family home in 1770.

So, Who still resides here?  Whose spirits remain within its walls? 

The history of this house is vast! from architects, surgeons and politicians who will we make contact with?

The museum show aspects of domestic life from the 18th to the 20th centuries, Pickford’s House shows the contrast between the master and the servant, the grandeur of Georgian architecture and the changes that occurred in the house over its 250-year life

Why not join us in Derby on our ghost hunt at Pickford’s House?

Staff that work here have experienced many unexplained things, doors that open and close on there own, footsteps in empty corridors and ghost sighting include a small boy peering out the windows from the upper floor. Our own medium saw the former gardener walk through a wall! Long serving servant still carrying out their duties!

What happens when the lights go out? 

When the lights go out, this venue has a whole new meaning to a haunted venue! It looks so beautiful in the daytime, but don’t be deceived by the look!   The haunted Heritage team have caught amazing EVPs of disembodied voices, and servant bells ring that have been disconnected? Why do the spirits still linger here?

Guests must be 18 years and over to attend this event.