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Corinne Residency


QUAD is delighted that the artist Corinne will be undertaking a virtual residency with us from 6 – 19 June 2022. This continues our pioneering virtual residency programme begun at the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Corinne is an artist unable at this time to physically attend QUAD, as they explain in the text below, yet QUAD is excited to be able to work with them on a two-week residency where Corinne will very much be present through one-to-one interactions with the QUAD team, also taking over and utilising our quad_gallery Instagram page as a virtual exhibition space.    

Corinne’s Artist Statement: 

I’m a self-portrait artist, creating photographic work’s as a form of therapy, to ease my ongoing struggles with mental illness (severe anxiety, borderline personality disorder, audio and visual hallucinations). My self-depictions are created within the same 2 by 1.5-metre space: my bed. This area is the only place I feel safe enough to create. My ‘A Bedtime Story’ series was created in response to the debilitating effect the pandemic had upon my already fragile mental health. My fear of leaving home heightened and my mental health worsened leaving me confined to bed every day. Pre-Covid I had what felt like the luxury of leaving home sometimes when well enough with my partner and creating self-portraits within the whole of my bedroom. My life and art have become inextricably entwined, to bury my struggles deep within would allow them to thrive, but through my use of art as therapy, I’m offered a cathartic release.    

I’m currently part of The New Art Gallery Walsall’s LGBTQ+ Community panel which helped co-curate the exhibition ‘Here & Queer’. My piece ‘A Bedtime Story 10’ is part of the gallery's collection and can currently be seen in their exhibition ‘Twenty Twenty’.

I believe my biggest barrier to accessing the art world is my inability to be physically present. The rise of Zoom during the pandemic opened up my world and removed my barriers and I’m terrified of losing this lifeline. I’ll be sharing my art and story on QUAD’s Instagram to raise awareness of people like myself who are confined to homes or beds. I’m excited about my mentoring and know the support and guidance from the QUAD Team will have a long-lasting and developmental impact on my artistic career.