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Bonfire (Work in Progress) - Part of Departure Lounge Festival 2022

16th July 2022 £7.50

Leon’s gone live. Stood in his Nana’s lounge, wearing his favourite knitwear, blasting the Sugababes, Leon’s determined to confront the demons of his past; both digital and physical. ‘Bonfire’ follows a young gay man from Derbyshire’s journey through adolescence. Like ‘Easy A’ meets ‘It’s A Sin’, Leon stitches together a narrative of his family, friends & secrets, hurtling us back to the dial-up internet era and forward again, as he learns to celebrate his future.

‘I really remember when I was 9 walking with my Nana, I saw a bull try and mount another bull and looking back I think that might be the closest we’ve ever had to a gay love story round here.’

Through pop music, movement & playful storytelling ‘Bonfire’ is a monologue-megamix written by Derby Theatre Associate Artist Simon Marshall on reclaiming queer identity and resisting shame. The piece is inspired by Bernardo’s 2016 ‘Not on the Radar’ report & consultation with Derbyshire LGBT+.

Trigger Warning: contains references to online grooming, homophobic language and grief.


Image Design by Lexi Clare