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Alison Weir: Katharine Parr – The Sixth Queen - Part of Autumn Edition: Derby Book Festival

7th November 2021 £5 - £10

Over the past six years Alison Weir has built up a loyal following at Derby Book Festival for her series of historical novels retelling the lives of Henry VIII’s wives. We now reach the sixth, Katharine Parr, who survived him.

Having survived two husbands, one only a boy and the other a sick man, she is now free to make her own choice. The ageing King's eye falls upon her. She cannot refuse him ... or betray that she wanted another.

She becomes the sixth wife - a queen and a friend. Henry loves and trusts her. But Katharine is hiding another secret in her heart, a deeply held faith that could see her burn ...

Alison Weir reveals a warm, clever woman of great fortitude who rose boldly to every turn her life took.