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A British Museum Spotlight Loan – Crossings: community and refuge

18th January 2022 - 6th March 2022 FREE – Give What You Think

British Museum Spotlight Loan – Crossings: community and refuge will tour the Lampedusa cross around the UK for the first time. Made from the remnants of a boat carrying refugees wrecked near the Italian island of Lampedusa, close to the coast of Tunisia, the cross carries poignant messages about kindness, community and the indifference faced by many refugees.   

Alongside the cross will be a display of 12 tiny boats from Syrian-born Issam Kourbajʼs series Dark Water, Burning World, made from repurposed bicycle mudguards tightly packed with burnt matches to represent the fragile vessels used by refugees to make their perilous voyages across the Mediterranean. Seeking to evoke the plight of Syrians, these were made by Kourbaj as a response to the ongoing tragedy in Syria. 

Supported by the Dorset Foundation in memory of Harry M Weinrebe. 

Suitable for all.   


Image: The Lampedusa cross, Francesco Tuccio, 2015, wood © The Trustees of the British Museum