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Derby Theatre

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Home to captivating comedy and drama productions, and hub for creative drama in the city, Derby Theatre is a brilliant venue for evening entertainment.

Look out for top touring shows direct from the west-end, plus the Theatre's own award-winning performances.

Home Girl

8 Jul 2022 - 9 Jul 2022

Home Girl tells the story of Naomi, a teenage girl growing up fast in the care system, a wholly modern story which sheds a much-needed light on what can be an unsettling life - and the consequences that can follow when children are treated like pawns on a family chessboard.

Departure Lounge Festival 2022

14 Jul 2022 - 16 Jul 2022

In Good Company's, Departure Lounge Festival returns from 14-16 July. Every corner of Derby Theatre and beyond will be brought to life by extraordinary performances, workshops and discussion.
Fat Blokes is the cult, award winning, sell out, sort of dance show about trying to fit into a world that says you’re too fat.
An Endling is the name for the last individual of a species. Do you remember Turgi, the last Polynesean Tree Snail who died in a plastic box in London Zoo? No? But what if it was you - if you were the last individual of the human species, The Endling?
Milk Presents will land a listening post at Departure Lounge for audiences to enjoy, The Pervert's Podcast, an audio caberet recorded with a live audience at the legendary Royal Vauxhall Tavern, London, produced by She Wants a Dog .
The moment disabled people step on to a stage or screen they are stitched up. A toxic combination of societal narratives and the very mechanics of story itself lead to a fixation on cliché and simplistic perspectives. Its being going on since the birth of civilization. This workshop will explore deeper intersectional representations for disabled theatre making and how together we can undo the stitch up.
A BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO WIDOWHOOD is a one-woman WIP show exploring the experiences of young, widowed women, loss, and why we don't talk about death.
Ambivalence tells the autobiographical story of a woman’s journey as we are invited to hear her unsaid thoughts through pages of her diary.
Boogie Booth is a live performance and dance experience. Visitors will meet our resident Boogie Boothers, Phantom Mercury & Dorothy, experts in the bum wiggle and the shoulder shimmy!
Flappy is an autobiographical show developed and performed by Holly Clark. It explores what Dyspraxia is and what it means to be Holly, the challenges of living in a society that disables, as well as acceptance and celebration of being Dyspraxic, neurodivergent and disabled.
Join director & facilitator Omar Khan as he hosts an open discussion exploring the process of making A Beginner's Guide to Widowhood, and how we as theatre makers can work towards holding a rehearsal room that promotes openness and collaboration.
An optimistic conversation about using theatre and all the tools we have available to make things better for all.
As part of this workshop Jake will talk about his Producing Manifesto and how through centering kindness as a practice for producing can yield beautiful results. You can read Jake’s Producing Manifesto on his website here.
Through pop music, movement & playful storytelling ‘Bonfire’ is a monologue-megamix written by Derby Theatre Associate Artist Simon Marshall on reclaiming queer identity and resisting shame. The piece is inspired by Bernardo’s 2016 ‘Not on the Radar’ report & consultation with Derbyshire LGBT+.
Join Pigfoot – a multi award-winning carbon-neutral theatre company – for a practical workshop for any theatre-maker keen to create theatre about the climate crisis, without a carbon footprint.
Don't miss Scratch Night's triple bill of 5 Years, Retro Feva 80s & Ace.
The Cocoa Butter Club presents a one-off Queer Cabaret celebrating everything from neo-burlesque and poetry, to drag, hoops and voguing.
UTOPIAN (t's&c’s apply) is a surrealistic circus pop-culture queer positive experience. And it’s absolute trash. Joined by their accomplice, Symoné takes you on an expedition inspired by raves and power play, with a big pink pole, 6 inch skates, and gender nonconformity.

The Mousetrap - 70th Anniversary Tour

17 Jul 2022 - 22 Jul 2022

Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap is the world’s longest-running play. This thrilling West End production is THE genre-defining murder mystery from the best-selling novelist of all time… case closed!
A party. There’s a bus stop, a broken phone and a letter. When a friend goes missing everyone feels lost. As they piece together the night, they have to ask themselves, what happened? And why would you want to disappear? A story about appearances, disappearances and growing up.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

26 Jul 2022 - 28 Jul 2022

Dive into Eric Carle’s bright and colourful world as his beloved stories are transformed from page to stage using a menagerie of 75 lovable puppets and charming music.

Ease On Down The Road

30 Jul 2022

Studio84Arts Academy proudly invites you to go on an all singing, all dancing, magical adventure to the land of OZ!

Years 3-6 Summer School

15 Aug 2022 - 19 Aug 2022

Develop your skills, meet new friends and have some fun in Derby Theatre's fantastic Summer School!

Years 7-10 Summer School

22 Aug 2022 - 26 Aug 2022

Develop your skills, meet new friends and have some fun in Derby Theatre's fantastic Summer School!

The Shark in the Park

8 Sep 2022 - 11 Sep 2022

Featuring all 3 of the ‘Shark in the Park’ Series – Shark in the Park, Shark in the Dark and Shark in the Park on a Windy Day – this fin-tastic, family musical follows Timothy Pope (and his telescope!) on 3 exciting adventures…

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