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Our exhibition is situated in the Company’s Learning and Development Centre in the Aerospace campus in Derby and tells the story of the Rolls-Royce range of products, with exhibits from before the First World War through to the modern civil large turbofans. The exhibition today contains over thirty Rolls-Royce engines ranging from Henry Royce’s first Aero engine, the V12 Eagle of 1915, through the Merlin and the RB211-22 to the Trent XWB of today.

The development of the aero engine, over the last century, has enabled many of the major advances in aviation to take place and with Engineering being the “art of compromise” to meet the best balance of the customer’s requirements, it is not surprising that different engineers from various companies have designed different solutions to meet these requirements. It is the object of this exhibition to show the advances in propulsion technology and these different solutions, so our visitors can compare and contrast the various approaches, whether they be liquid or air-cooled piston engines or two or three shaft gas turbines.

It is hoped that the facility will be used in the development of current Rolls-Royce employees and in the teaching of STEM subjects in schools and colleges and promoting the story to the public to intrigue and inspire.

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