Twin Cities Derby – Osnabrück

The new Twinning Ambassadors in front of the main door to the City Hall: Sergey Loginov (Twer, Russia), Zoë Chaffey (Derby, England), Neşe Yıldız Kendibaşına (Çanakkale, Turkey), Melissa Biesmans (Haarlem, Holland) and Lauriane Wolf (Angers, France). Photo: City of Osnabrück, Silke Brickwedde.

For the past 45 years, Derby and Osnabrück have been twin cities and have sent young people from the respective city to work for 12 months as an ambassador, who is responsible for everything to do with the twinning. Since 2015, Derby was no longer able to host an ambassador from Osnabrück, however Osnabrück continues to host an ambassador from Derby.

A few of the ambassador’s duties include:

  • Creating business links between the two cities
  • Increasing awareness of the visitor experience in both cities and encouraging residents to visit their twin city.
  • Planning events such as the Maiwoche (May week festival) in Osnabrück and the annual Osnabrück citizens trip to Derby
  • Help organising partnerships and exchanges between schools in Derby and Osnabrück
  • Building contacts between various groups and organisations in Osnabrück und Derby
  • Mediation of internships for students in Derby and Osnabrück
  • Assistance planning holidays in Derby and Osnabrück
  • Assistance finding accommodation in Derby and Osnabrück

… And much more!

The town twinning provides a unique opportunity for you to personally benefit from the cultural exchange between the two cities and get to know people from the respective partner city. Moreover, it could also help if you would like to improve your English or German!

Whether it be a plan to visit the partner city, a wish to set up an exchange or an idea to do with the partnership, get in touch with the Derby ambassador regarding anything to do with the town twinning.

Derby Ambassador in Osnabrück 2020-21


Name: Zoë Chaffey

Address: Stadt Osnabrück, Rathaus, Zimmer 15, Referat für Kommunikation, Repräsentation und Internationales, Städtepartnerschaftsbüro, Bierstraße 28, D - 49074 Osnabrück

Telephone: +49 (0) 541 323 - 2192


The Derby ambassador has their own Facebook page:


And a Twitter account: @osnabrueckderby

The twinning office also has their own Facebook page:

And Instagram: @staedtepartnerschaftsbuero_os