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Outdoor Rock Climbing Taster Day

23rd October 2021 - 26th March 2022 £59 per person

This Outdoor Rock Climbing Taster is an ideal starting point for those with little or no prior experience of rock climbing. The Peak District contains some of the best and most accessible rock climbing in the UK which means our experienced instructors can always find the right location and level of challenge for you.

Whether you are nervous about heights or are looking to push your mental and physical limits you will be encouraged and coached throughout the day to allow you to achieve more than you would have thought possible.

NOTE - We’ve changed how we operate due to Covid-19 with your health and safety in mind. If you’ve got any questions on the steps we’ve taken, just drop us a message

9.30am: Meet at Training Centre

There is an opportunity to grab a quick drink while we kit everyone out with a harness, shoes, helmet and any other equipment they will need for the day.

10am: Go Climbing

Depending on weather conditions and group experience we select a local crag, load up the Pure Outdoor minibus and go for it! Our position in the peak district means that we will spend a maximum of 30 minutes driving to reach our destination, although 15 minutes is more typical. A few of the venues we use are a 15-20 minute walk from the parking area so please bring some decent trainers or walking boots.

On arrival at the rock face there is a short session where you will learn how to correctly put on a harness and helmet, attach yourself to a rope and belay another climber. The training is practical, hands on and focusses on not only your own personal safety but also the safety of others in the group.

Start climbing for real! We typically have time for two or three climbs before lunch.

1pm (ish): Lunch

Lunch will be out at the crag so make sure you bring a packed lunch. How long (or even if!) you stop for lunch will be up to the group but it gives a chance to discuss what has already been achieved and what each individual’s focus for the afternoon should be.

Climb as much as possible!

3.30pm: Last few routes

Time to start finishing the last few climbs of the day, packing up the equipment and heading back to the van.

4-4.30pm: Debrief

Depending on where we went climbing, we usually head back to the Training Centre for a debrief, climbing equipment amnesty and another cup of tea before finishing up the course and heading home.

Outdoor Rock Climbing Taster Day
Pure Outdoor The Adventure Hub Hope Valley Garden Centre Hope Road S33 0AL

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