Information relating to Coronavirus. 

The UK Government have released a roadmap out of lockdown. You can find information on how restrictions are being lifted by date.  Find out what that means for Derby

Burger off to Derby!

If burgers are your thing, this blog is for you. Derby's burger scene is developing fast, so feast your eyes on this juicy read! Read Blog

The Pyclet - The New Age Blini

Ever visited the fabulous Pyclet Parlour in Derby’s glorious Victorian Market Hall? If you haven’t, add it to your bucket list. Perch on a stool at the bakery counter and savour a great tasting experience like no other. Read Blog

Time to enjoy a feast of Festé again!

This year Festé will leave the people of Derby in a spin on Friday 26 and Saturday 27 September. Expect an eclectic mix of street arts performers, dance, theatre, music and comedy, alongside the now traditional “wow… did that really just happen in Derby?” show. Read Blog

5 Treats for Foodies

Visit Derby looks forward to a flurry of food and drink festivals in Derby, plus, a look at the new Derby Eating and Drinking Guide. Read Blog

What’s the best food to eat with beer?

What is the perfect food to eat with a pint of real ale? Crisps, peanuts, pork scratchings? Well stuff all that, we've pulled together a list of some PROPER food to scoff while you sip. Which one tickles your taste buds? Read Blog

The top 4 sights to see in Derby (and the perfect pubs to drink at afterwards)

Just how do beer and history go together? Well, beer is one of the oldest beverages created by man, and history is… well, old. And what better way to enjoy history than to visit somewhere stunning, then retire to the pub to sup while you discuss what you’ve just seen? Read Blog

What is the perfect real ale?

Pale and hoppy? Dark and powerful? Light and fruity? Golden and smooth? What makes the perfect real ale? Read Blog

10 of the best real ale pubs in Derby

The Lonely Planet dubbed Derby "the best place to drink real ale in the world" and with good reason too! Derby has more beers on offer per population than anywhere else in Britain... Read Blog

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