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Lifting the Restrictions in Derby!

17th April 2020

Like many other places in the world, the UK is currently under lock-down to slow the progress of Covid-19.  We are all beginning to understand what it feels like to be restricted in where we can go, what we can see and do.  Our ability to share experiences with friends and family is limited. Faced with a world where we can no longer do what we want or go where we choose -  some of us are showing the strain! 

We are all looking forward to the lifting of restrictions in a safe and timely manner. Yet whilst most of us will return to enjoying a wide variety of activities, 22% of the UK population will continue to be limited in where they can shop, eat and visit. That’s an estimated 14 million people, who face barriers which could be overcome with better information and more support.

In the wake of the current crisis, where venues are closed and events cancelled, wouldn’t it be great if, when everything re-opens, more restrictions were lifted for everyone!

Accurate and up to date information, available in advance, is vital to avoid a disappointing experience for all concerned. In coming weeks, listings on VisitDerby will be updated to include improved accessibility information provided by working with a few key partners.

Nimbus Disability


Derby based Nimbus Disability, are a Social Enterprise looking to improve accessibility and opportunities for disabled people.

Nimbus work with businesses to help them achieve the CredAble* categories below.

*CredAble is an overview to an organisations approach to disabled visitors through response to feedback.

CredAble Access

Demonstrate CredAble Access – Nimbus Disability

Awarded to organisations / buildings who have had a visit from a specialist advisor with a view to becoming an ‘attraction of choice’ and achieving a ‘seal of approval’. Accredited venues in Derby include: Derby Quad, Derby Museum and Art Gallery, Intu, Hollywood Bowl, Elements Tea and Coffee House.

CredAble Employer

An in-depth audit of employment practices for disabled people

The Access Card

Nimbus Disability offers Access Card to venues for free

The Access Card is a scheme designed to help disabled people evidence and communicate their access requirements in a more efficient and dignified way. Symbols on the card translate an individuals disability or impairment into the barriers they face and the reasonable adjustments which might be required.

The scheme benefits both the card holder and the organisations that accept it.

The Purple Pound is the phrase referring to UK Households with a disabled person and is worth £249 Billion of disposable income per annum. Customer Loyalty amongst disabled people is higher than that of other groups and their needs dictate the spending patterns of their social circles.

In the transaction of showing a card to gain a discount an Access Card Holder will also be discreetly sharing their access needs with a member of staff.

A simple set of guidelines to show how a member of your team might need to respond ,will, in fact, ensure that they are able to quickly understand and respond to the need to make reasonable adjustments without any need for detail training

Participating organisations are required to complete a form with their offer to disabled people and the ways in which they would respond to the access requirements of a cardholder.  For example - if a customer would have difficulty queuing would you respond by letting them jump a queue when asked?

We feel that this is a worthwhile scheme and hope that you would want to be a part of it.

The Derby Disability Equality Hub

The Derby Disability Equality Hub is a Council-led group of disabled people offering help and advice on equality for disabled people.  Members of the group have voluntarily audited a number of venues and attractions in Derby and where information has been provided, the listing on VisitDerby will be updated.

Accessible Derbyshire

Accessible Derbyshire | Made In Derbyshire

Many people stay in Derby to visit the great attractions on our doorstep in Derbyshire and the Peak District. Accessible Derbyshire is another local organisation that has provided accurate advice on locations to visit.

If you are a visitor/ potential visitor interested in sharing your thoughts or a business wanting more information,  please drop us a line for further information: