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Eatery Review: Derby Pyclet Parlour, Derby

26th February 2019

What makes you smile? Good coffee and good butter is always a winner for me, although not together (unless you’re a Bullet Coffee acolyte then glug away at your hearts content). Steaming hot coffee and salted butter always, always puts a smile on my face; throw in stellar customer service and you have an excellent recipe for success.

The eatery hitting the spot is the Derby Pyclet Parlour. Sitting loud and proud in the open-plan Eagle Market Derby, it is friendliness personified. Cutesy, French inspired art-work line the walls. A chalkboard menu hanging from one wall shouts about the menu for the day. The cooking section is flush to the “coffee-bar” meaning diners can peer over the pass and chat to the chef if they like.

I hadn’t planned on stopping there for a bite to eat. I wasn’t even that hungry and thought I would just grab a coffee and go. But there is something so beguiling about the quaint coffee-shop set-up, that I couldn’t help plonking myself down at a table and ordering coffee.

The small space has a fittingly compact menu, serving breakfast all day, lunch and dessert.
The Derby Pyclet Parlour has a rich history dating back to 1864, when the Monk family originally founded the Pyclet Bakery in Edward Street, Derby. Fast forward to 2019 and the current owner is Katie Gibson. She is a former customer who fell in love with pyclets, and she now holds the reins to the business and the keys to the Eagle Market café.

Smoked salmon with horseradish cream
Smoked salmon with horseradish cream

If you have never eaten a pyclet before, expect spongy heaven. Think of it as a love-child of a sturdy crumpet and silken pancake, where opportune craters create wonderful pockets for gooey fillings (or melted butter if you are so inclined).

I had two of the light bite options, which I thought would be small enough without feeling gluttonous.

Smoked salmon served with horseradish cream is a classic combination, which I really liked on a pyclet. The horseradish cream had a lovely kick that lifted the smoky depths of the fish slivers.

Goats cheese with red peppers
Goats cheese with red peppers

Goats cheese with red peppers was my favourite. The tang of the cheese went well with the succulent sweetness of the fleshy pepper. 

Portions were more than generous delivering great value for money. Next time I will try the sweet variation; I have my eye on The Chocolate One, which promises to be filled with Nutella, cream and chocolate-y goodness.

To find out more about the Derby Pyclet Parlour, please visit their website now.

Post written by Ria Amber Tesia
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