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A real ale guide for girls

16th December 2014
Nice place for a pint!

I was the third daughter in a row so my lovely Dad decided he’d have to make do. That’s why I can cast a fly an admirable distance (that’s a fishing reference to the uninitiated) and why I like beer. My Dad got a huge amount of pleasure from a fine glass of beer and he brought me up from a very early age, to be equally appreciative.

What my Dad meant by beer was what we commonly call Real Ale or Cask Ale these days. Lager, you should know, was for girls – we never touched the stuff!

I quickly learned to taste the difference between a pint of ‘Shippo’s’ (Shipstone’s Brewery) and something a tad more tasty. Whilst we agreed that it had to be well fermented to get any real flavour, we differed in our preferences. Dad was most happy with a golden hoppy brew or a tempting amber ale, whilst I like my beer, dark and strong. Lots of hops and good malty flavour combined to create chocolate, caramel or liquorice overtones, all go down very well with me!

That’s about as technical as I’m going to get because, rather like a good book, I think you can over-think beer a bit. Everyone to their own, but I just like to drink the stuff, preferably in good company, with some decent pub-grub, sampled in a convivial atmosphere! Dad and I put the world to rights many a time over a pint in a comfortable pub. He would definitely have approved of some of the ‘nice places for a pint’ that we are blessed with in Derby. Here a few of my favourites that you might like to try!

The Exeter Arms’. Lots of snug little rooms to explore and the delicious Dancing Duck Ales to sample. ‘Dark Drake’ for me please.

The Flowerpot’ for the Black Iris Brewery - Iron Gate Stout and Gurkha Curry Night.

The Silk Mill Ale and Cider House’ serves the World’s Best Chips, it has a crocodile type creature on the wall and a different Ale every time! (Cider is for girls!).

Ye Olde Dolphin Inne’. Awesomely old = bags of atmosphere.

The Tap’. I love taking people here to sample ‘the rack’ a selection of five 1/3 pints to sample along with some local cheese. Home to the Derby Brewing Company and their delicious ‘Dashingly Dark’ Ale.

The Old Bell, Tudor Bar’ Im so happy to see this building being lovingly restored. Respect for a real pub!

So, now you know my story, how did you discover Ale? @derbybeer.

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