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Derby - An Exceptional City for Beer by Derby Beer King

14th January 2020
Beer King Les Beer King Les

Why is Derby so famous for its real ale and pub scene, not just in the surrounding areas but across the UK? Here are my EIGHT reasons why there is no better place for beer than Derby:

  1. The Derby branch of CAMRA conducts a beer census every year and the total was a remarkable 180 different beers being served on one night in the city.
  2. The 2014 Winter Festival was awarded the accolade of ‘The National Winter Beer Festival’ with drinkers coming from all over the country.
  3. The editor of the well respected–Good Beer Guide, Roger Protz, featured Derby as the place for ‘The perfect pub crawl’.
  4. We have more than a dozen micro breweries in the city including: Brunswick, Derby Brewing, Derventio, Falstaff, Dancing Duck, Mr Grundy’s and the Rowditch.
  5. The Lonely Planet magazine has described Derby as the ‘The best place to drink real-ale in the world’.
  6. Most pubs have a beer festival at least once a year and offer tasting notes and small tasting glasses to try before you buy.
  7. It has been called the ’Real Ale Capital of England’ by a number of organisations including Wetherspoon’s two years ago who noted that Derby drinkers consumed the most real ale in their annual festival.
  8. Finally the city is the only one in England to have an elected Beer King, (that’s me!) who opens the beer festival with the Mayor each year. He celebrates his reign of sixteen years this year.

So what’s to stop you visiting the ‘Beer Capital’ and sampling our wonderful pubs and great variety of beers, perhaps staying for a weekend break? The CAMRA Winter Ale Festival is in February and the friendly natives will always give you a warm welcome.

- Beer King Les Baynton