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Petra the Pink Pixie and Griswald the Green Goblin narrate the magical story of Rapunzel.

Witch Gothel claimed Rapunzel as a baby, in exchange for her parents taking salad from her garden. The witch kept Rapunzel in a doorless tower for many years before eventually vanquishing her to a far-off land for deceiving her. Prince Tarquin was blinded and left to wander the desert.

Dame Delilah Doddle is Rapunzel’s grandmother, determined to find her long-lost granddaughter and the Prince. She is helped along the way by two novice witches, Dolly and Polly, Griswald, Petra and Gypsy Jim. Seth and Maisie from the Palace accompany Delilah and they end up meeting Sheikh Yorand. With further advice from Madame Zena, the crystal gazer, they are finally re-united with Rapunzel and Prince Tarquin. This pantomime is a little bit different and full of exciting characters to entrance the audience. 

Like all good fairytales they all lived happily ever after! 

Derby Guildhall Theatre
Market Place Derby DE1 3AE

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