CLARE FISHER: Because You're Finite!

17th March 2018 - 28th April 2018 FREE

Using mixed media design with collage and resin, based on a modern interpretation of 'pop art' - Clare Fisher brings her dynamic and thought-provoking exhibition to Déda.

The ever changing, ever exploitative nature of the fashion and beauty industry perpetuates the negative effect on a woman’s self-esteem, body image, and perception of beauty. By using upward comparisons, women are constantly comparing themselves to standards of beauty that society shows to them.

These images we’re created with this in mind, creating layers of collage to mimic the layers of self perception, and the mask we wear to cover our true selves.

Exhibition Launch: Thursday 1 March 6.00pm -7.30pm

Workshop: Wednesday 25 April, 12-2pm

Chapel Street Derby DE1 3GU

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01332 370911

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