Endless possibilities and a unique experience – Derby’s twinning project and the exchange of ambassadors with Osnabrück

“Town twinning started after the Second World War as a way of building strong links and friendships with communities in other countries. Its central ideas are to build international co-operation and understanding within a diverse cultural framework. Special emphasis is placed on the involvement of young people, who serve as the foundation of the future. Another important goal is the exchange of ideas and innovation among the partner cities for the benefit of all sections of the twinned communities.” (Cambridge City Council).

For almost 40 years Derby and Osnabrück each appoint an ambassador every year who spends 12 months working within his or her twin city’s Council. The ambassadors are responsible for all the twinning matters arising from the 39 year partnership.

The ambassadors can help, assist and support in a number of ways:

  • Assistance with setting up economic links between businesses from Derby and Osnabrück
  • Assistance with setting up cultural links between the twin cities
  • Assistance with setting up links between schools from Derby and Osnabrück
  • Assistance with setting up links between youth and adult groups from the two cities
  • Advice on holidays to the twin cities
  • Assistance with finding work placements in the twin city
  • Advice on accommodation while staying in the twin city
  • And much more…!

 The twinning project is a unique opportunity for schools, local businesses and individuals to engage in cultural exchange, to meet people from a foreign country and to expand their knowledge regarding the German language.

The possibilities are endless, feel free to contact the ambassadors at any time. You are welcome to approach us with your unique ideas and projects and we are happy to assist you in the best possible way.

Contact the ambassadors

Derby Ambassador to Osnabrück

Contact: Daniel Hampton

Address: Stadt Osnabrück, Referat Strategische Steuerung und Rat, Städtepartnerschaftsbüro, Bierstraβe 28, D - 49074 Osnabrück, Germany

Telephone: +49 (0)541 3232192


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